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Sea Trials

CEHIPAR has specialized personnel and equipment for full-scale ship sea-trials.

Its main equipment includes:

  • Differential GPS satellite signal system (this avoids the installation of a specific differential station). The position and speed of the ship is obtained in real time. Positioning error margin is less than 1 meter/0.05 knots.
  • Torque measurement in shafts.
  • Stabilized platform for measuring motions.
  • Servo-accelerometers.
  • Strain gages.
  • Computerized systems for data acquisition and processing installed on lap-top computers.

Types of tests


  • Power/speed.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Sea-keeping (accelerations, forces, etc.)

Evaluation records of high-tech sea-going vessels:

  • Aero-sliders.
  • Surface effect ships such as SES-200, BES-16 etc.
  • Fast ferries.
  • Fast ferry catamaran (for cruising speed 57 knots).
  • Yachts (for 75 knots).
  • Sailing boats for America’s Cup competition.

Velero Copa America Buque SES-200
Buque VCA-36 Fast Ferry "Luciano Federico"

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