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Other hydrodynamic tests

Not only standard models of ships and propulsors can be tested in our installations, but also any devices and equipments.

The following experience should be mentioned:

  • Damage survival tests for passenger ships. (Stockholm Agreement for safety of ships)
  • Distribution of the flow in circulating tank for fishing practices.
  • Study of the flow in a model fish-farm.
  • Calibration of flow measuring device of a hydraulic tank.
  • Calibration of current-meters.
  • Hydrodynamic behavior of anchored submerged bodies. Effect of underwater currents.
  • Hydrodynamic behavior of bodies attached to underwater hull: effect of speed and of ship maneuvers.
  • Optimization of hydrodynamic profiles for geodesic deep-water searches, including the presence of underwater currents.
  • Hydrodynamic evaluation of paints.
  • Tests of super-cavitating wings.
  • Others.

Sailing ship tests
CEHIPAR has many years of experience in testing sailing ships.

We measure forces and moments on a minimum of two axes (resistance, lateral force and yaw and heeling moments) and/or other types of parameter.

Extensive testing of this kind was done when the Spanish team participated in the 1992, 1997 and 2000 America’s Cup class ( IACC) competition. We have also tested IMS and Olympic classes racing yachts.

CEHIPAR facilities have the advantage to be equipped for testing large-scale models, to maximize the reliability of the results. For instance, for classes IACC or IMS, scale 1:3 can be used, while for Olympic class vessels, we have worked on 1:1 or full scale models.

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