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Calm Water Towing Tank.

Canal Aguas Tranquilas en la vista en planta

The Calm Water Towing Tank is 320 meters long, 12,5 meters wide, and 6,5 meters deep.

The Towing Carriage operates at speeds up to 10 m/s and maximum acceleration of 1 m/s². Its control software automatically establishes the velocity profile of the tests. Its specifications and instrumentation are designed for different types of tests. The following are the most usual:

  • Resistance tests.
  • Propulsion tests.
  • Open water tests.
  • Wake survey tests.
  • Streamline tests.

It also has a digital data acquisition system which collects model test data automatically and a computer program for the analysis and presentation of results, specifically developed for this facility. The modernization of this facility continues.
Among the wide variety of instrumentation available the following equipment should be mentioned:

  • Towing dynamometer.
  • Propeller dynamometer.
  • Dynamometers for propulsion tests.
  • Six-component dynamometer.
  • Video cameras and registration equipment.

The size of the transverse section of the tank means that the blockage effect is negligible. This ensures high reliability for the measurements.
The tests in this facility determine the ship’s calm water resistance with high precision.

It is crucial to determine propulsive coefficients in order to analyze and find solutions for better influence of the ship-hull form on propeller behavior. Underwater cameras are used to correctly locate the appendages.

It is also possible to carry out other hydrodynamic test within the operational constraints of the facility.

Imágenes de ensayos en el canal de aguas tranquilas Imágenes de ensayos en el canal de aguas tranquilas
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