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Cavitation Tunnel.

Túnel de Cavitación en la vista en planta

The Cavitation Tunnel of CEHIPAR, is used to check and optimize propeller design by observing the cavitation inception and development, erosion risk, pressure fluctuations and noise generation. The tests can be performed with the propeller in free-stream, behind a screen simulating the ship wake, or introducing a dummy body (partial model of the ship hull). Non-conventional propulsors are also tested.

The measurement system includes a Laser-Doppler anemometer for non-intrusive measurement of the velocity of the water.

Imagen de un ensayo de cavitación Imagen del equipo de medida Anemómetro Láser Doppler


  • Working section maximum flow speed: 11 m/s.
  • Variable static pressure: 1.22 - 0.22 atm.
  • Cavitation number range: 0.32 - 130.
  • Propeller models diameter range: 150 to 450 mm.
  • Wake flow simulation using wake screens and dummy models.
Esquema del túnel de cavitación
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