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Research and Development

Two main types of R+D+i (i - innovation) are carried out at CEHIPAR:

  • Third-party commissions: Covering a wide variety of projects identified by industrial customers.
  • Internal: R+D+i to maintain our service levels and expertise on the cutting edge of technology development and to keep CEHIPAR knowledge and procedures up to date.
Cooperation with customers in technological areas is of crucial importance for CEHIPAR. In joint projects, both parties gain from the other’s experience, thus widening the market.
The strategy of CEHIPAR towards new and/or improved products is established and developed in cooperation with the customer, in order to input maximum creativity in all phases of development. CEHIPAR’s R+D projects provide customers with solutions tailored to their specific business needs.
We are also committed to the protection of our customers’ technology and intellectual property. CEHIPAR helps them to obtain patents, utility models and trade marks.
CEHIPAR collaborates with Universities and technological centers in R+D+i projects, establishing cooperation agreements in all the branches of ship hydrodynamics.
Ensayo en el canal de aguas tranquilas

CEHIPAR takes part in various national and international research programs in fundamental and applied areas and development of new experimental methods and innovative design systems.

CEHIPAR is a member and active partner in research with:

  • ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference).
  • CRS (Cooperative Research Ship).
  • Large Scale Research Facilities- HYDRALAB (European Union).
  • NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO).
  • WEAG CEPA-10 group.
  • EU Coordinated Action in Ocean Energy thematic network.
  • Shipbuilding companies.
  • EU and USA universities.
  • Spanish and foreign research institutes.

Enter Research Projects

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    CEHIPAR publications are available in this web in “Publications” section or using the “Application form for Publications” in the “Comercial” section.