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More than 80 years of CEHIPAR

Jueves, 22 de Septiembre de 2005
Since 1928 CEHIPAR has grown with the developments in hydrodynamics. The small initial group of 11 towing tanks in 1934, has grown until the 120 towing tanks that exist nowadays, more of them small facilities with educational purposes.
CEHIPAR has done almost 25000 tests, with 2720 ship models and 2550 propeller models.
From a conservative point of view, if we consider a medium value of two ships constructed with each model tested at CEHIPAR and a medium fuel save of 5%, due to hull and propeller optimisation, with a medium installed power of 10000 HP and 25 years of life of the ship, the fuel saved due to CEHIPAR work actualised to this moment is about 3.5 billions (millions of million) old Spanish pesetas.

The results of the improvements proposed by CEHIPAR after the tests in its facilities are optimised designs, best seakeeping behaviour (security) and fuel save. These benefits are much grater than the low experimentation costs.

Nowadays, with high fuel prices, it is advisable to test in CEHIPAR.

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