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Analysis of Test Results

The data obtained during the resistance, propulsion, open-water, wake survey and streamline tests performed in the Calm Water Tank have to be processed and analyzed to give information about the hydrodynamic characteristics of the full-scale ship. The following software is used:

  • Lambda is an analysis program that extrapolates the model data from resistance, propulsion and open-water tests on the full scale ship.
Pantalla del programa LAMBDA de análisis y extrapolación de ensayos de aguas tranquilas
  • Diana gives the values of the wake (velocity field at the position of the propeller) for the ship from the model data and assesses the propeller behavior working in this wake in terms of cavitation, noise and vibrations.
  • Maris is a program analyzing the data of full-scale ship sea-trials and comparing them against model scale results. This correlation makes it possible to fine-tune the predictions for the ship from model tests.
Pantalla del programa MARIS de análisis de pruebas de mar
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